Who are we?

Cristina Krug Zulueta, architect of the project and captain of the Izkira boat, begins this journey individually with previous experience in the sector and the initial training necessary to develop this work.

Throughout these three years she has continued to complete her training and adaptation to the environment in which she works, incorporating the novelties and innovations in environmental matters.

Committed with sustainable tourism

The Certification of the European Charter of Sustainable Tourism in Urdaibai was obtained in June 2021 in order to promote tourism in a sustainable manner into its natural space: Urdaibai, and in order to convey to the traveler, tourist and anyone who wants to know the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve and the conservation of the natural heritage that surrounds us.

Sustainable tourism
Biosphere reserve
Urdaibai Basque Reserve
Ethical Code


Izkira means Quisquilla in Spanish, a small crustacean who lives in any corner where there is a little water. It smells like sea, salt and a estuary. Izkira is feminine, it is harmony and above all identifies its essence.

In addition, it is a small boat for small groups that want to enjoy sailing the estuary, feeling the sound of the water where it furries and detecting the different funds offered by Urdaibai sands, always changing with the different lights offered by the day in each tide, be incoming or empty.

The Izkira has recently been repainted with a creation of @muraleslian