Izkira Urdaibai:
Committed to the LGTBIQ+ collective

Izkira Urdaibai we are attached to the Bilbao-Bizkaia Lbgti Travel Allies program, aimed at promoting inclusion and respect for the LGTBIQ+ community in the tourism sector. We are also members of Partnership for Global LGBTIQ+ and we belong to the Queer Destination Quality standard.

We commit ourselves to work actively to ensure that all our services and products are inclusive and respectful of sexual and gender diversity. In Izkira Urdaibai we believe in equal rights and opportunities for all people, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. We take our commitment to the LGTBIQ+ community very seriously and we are determined to be a faithful and committed travel ally.

What commitments have we acquired?

We will carry out a series of actions that reflect our support and commitment to the LGTBIQ+community. Among these commitments are to promote a local network of companies that are committed to LGBTIQ+diversity, offer 5 hours of training on unconscious biases in LGBTI reality to our entire workforce and direction, and dedicate 10 hours of training to explore business opportunities related to LGBTIQ+diversity.

In addition, we are committed to being part of or the entire template and direction for 4 hours on the attraction and retention of LGBTIQ+ talent, to request curriculums without a photo or gender to avoid biases, to advertise our commitment to the rights of trans people and to communicate to our clientele our commitment to the LGBTIQ+ collective throughout the year..

We will also incorporate the reality LGBTIQ+ in all the communication material of the company, to eliminate the exclusive language of our documents and regulations, to commemorate the indicated days of the collective and to generate experiences specifically aimed at LGBTIQ+ people.

Finally, we are committed to offering discounts and products with the objective of attracting the LGBTI public, to carry out advertising actions of the products directed to the LGBTI collective on platforms or generalist formats and to continue working actively to make visible and value the LGBTI collective.

The best ways to get to Urdaibai

By Bizkaibus

Bilbao – Hospital Galdakao – Gernika-Lumo – Lekeitio

Bilbao – Amorebieta Etxano – Gernika-Lumo

Bilbao – Amorebieta Etxano – Gernika-Lumo – Bermeo

Gernika-Lumo – Mungia

Bilbao – Hospital Galdakao – Gernika-Lumo – Aulestia – Lekeitio

Bermeo – Bakio

Gernika-Lumo – Amorebieta Etxano-UPV/EHU

Mungia-Gernika-Lumo – Laida-Laga-Ibarrangelua

Bilbao – Mungia – Bermeo


Gernika-Lumo – Nabarniz

Gernika-Lumo – Mendata

Gernika-Lumo – Errigoiti

By Euskotren

Line Bilbao/Matiko – Gernika-Lumo – Bermeo

Route map · Timetable searcher

By car

From Bilbao to Bermeo

BI631 Bilbao-Mungia-Bermeo / BI2101 Bakio-Bermeo

From Amorebieta to Gernika-Lumo

BI-635 Amorebieta-Gernika (highway to Amorebieta)

From Mungia

BI 2121 Mungia-Gernika

From Lekeitio

BI-3238 Lekeitio-Gernika