CETS Urdaibai

From the first meetings on the possible implementation of the European Charter of Sustainable Tourism in Urdaibai, Izkira Urdaibai, as an entity that since 2018 has been carrying out various activities in the Biosphere Reserve, we actively participate from the beginning, becoming Part of the permanent forum and finally, being accepted as one of the 15 companies and one of the 5 entities within the area of ​​active tourism in the second phase of the implementation of the European Charter of Sustainable Tourism in Urdaibai.

What is the European Sustainable Tourism Charter?

The CETS is an initiative that aims to promote the development of tourism in sustainability. CETS is a voluntary method and commitment to apply the principles of sustainable tourism, guiding the managers of the territories that are committed to sustainability and companies to define their strategies in a participated manner.

Today, there are 102 spaces attached to CETS, distributed in 15 countries, while in Spain there are 29 protected natural spaces (ENP) in which 400 companies are attached. Among the benefits of this accreditation, the distinction in Europe is as a territory of excellence in sustainable tourism, the impulse to a balanced socioeconomic development and the development of quality tourism products, authentic and consistent with its environment.

Urdaibai was declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1984, at the proposal of the Basque Government, after an intense social movement to preserve its high environmental value and become a territory for reference sustainability. The Oka River and its marshes are its nerve center and constitute a landscape of great environmental value. This territory of 22,000 hectares, ranging from Matxitxako to Punta Arboliz and with the southern border in Oiz, inhabit approximately 45,000 people, distributed in 22 municipalities, full of history, culture, gastronomy and natural heritage.

The best ways to get to Urdaibai

By Bizkaibus

Bilbao – Hospital Galdakao – Gernika-Lumo – Lekeitio

Bilbao – Amorebieta Etxano – Gernika-Lumo

Bilbao – Amorebieta Etxano – Gernika-Lumo – Bermeo

Gernika-Lumo – Mungia

Bilbao – Hospital Galdakao – Gernika-Lumo – Aulestia – Lekeitio

Bermeo – Bakio

Gernika-Lumo – Amorebieta Etxano-UPV/EHU

Mungia-Gernika-Lumo – Laida-Laga-Ibarrangelua

Bilbao – Mungia – Bermeo


Gernika-Lumo – Nabarniz

Gernika-Lumo – Mendata

Gernika-Lumo – Errigoiti

By Euskotren

Line Bilbao/Matiko – Gernika-Lumo – Bermeo

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By car

From Bilbao to Bermeo

BI631 Bilbao-Mungia-Bermeo / BI2101 Bakio-Bermeo

From Amorebieta to Gernika-Lumo

BI-635 Amorebieta-Gernika (highway to Amorebieta)

From Mungia

BI 2121 Mungia-Gernika

From Lekeitio

BI-3238 Lekeitio-Gernika